Review of the discipline of the Criminal Records: the new provisions introduced by the Legislative Decree. 2 October 2018, n. 122


Starting from 26 October 2019, with the entry into force of the legislative decree n. 122/2018, the certificate of the judicial record will include in a single document both the criminal certificate and the civil one, as per the previous articles 25 and 26 T.U.

For the European citizens, moreover, it will also indicate the attestation relative to the existence or not of inscriptions in the European judicial record.

The certificate of pending charges, on the other hand, includes the criminal proceedings pending against the applicant-interested party and any appeals. Pending the activation of a national record of pending charges, the certificate of pending charges must be requested from the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office at the Court that has jurisdiction over the place of residence of the person concerned.

The Legislative Decree n. 122/2018 establishes that in the certificate of pending charges there will be no measures that have declared non punishment pursuant to art. 131 bis of the civil code, provisions which provide for the suspended sentence with probation, sentences that declare the offense extinct due to the positive outcome of the probation.

At the following link it is possible to view the full text of the legislative decree n. 122/2018: Legislative Decree N. 122/2018

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