Register of Companies and Chamber of Commerce

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On behalf of our clients, we attend to applying for certificates, documents and authorisations from Registers of Companies and Chambers of Commerce. 

As far as use abroad of Chamber of Commerce documents is concerned, pursuant to article 33(1) of Law 445/2000, since 1 October 2016, Italian Chambers of Commerce provide direct legalisation of the documents they issue, which can then be submitted to the foreign diplomatic representatives to obtain consular authorisation.

As an exception, only the Prefecture may apply an Apostille on deeds and documents issued by Milan Chamber of Commerce, to be presented in Countries that signed the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961.

We also assist exporting companies with the legalisation of the documentation required to export their goods to non-EU countries.

Our services include:

  • applications for and legalisation of Chamber of Commerce documents and certificates
  • applications for and legalisation of copies of documents, minutes and reports filed with the Register of Companies
  • legalisation and certification of director’s signature on documents
  • legalisation of certificates of free sale
  • legalisation of provenance certificates
  • obtaining of authorisation and legalisation on invoices
  • obtaining of certification of document filing
  • Exporter Registry Form application and legalisation (for Turkey)

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