Consular and Embassy legalisation

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In order to be valid in a foreign country that did not sign the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 (Convention regarding Apostille use), deeds and documents issued by the Italian authorities must be legalised by the foreign diplomatic-consular representatives based in Italy.

By means of the legalisation process, an official document (public deed or certificate) is authenticated with full legal value at international level.

Pursuant to article 1(1) of Italian Presidential Decree no. 445 of 28 December 2000, legalisation is “the official certification of the legal quality of a person who signs deeds, certificates, copies and excerpts, as well as the authenticity of the actual signature ”.

The procedure consists in a series of certifications involving various Italian public agencies – including Prefectures, District Attorneys’ Offices or Chambers of Commerce, depending on the case – through to the authentication issued by the diplomatic-consular representative in Italy of the country where the document is to be presented.

APIT SRL specialises in the legalisation of documents for use abroad!

Our core business includes the management of the entire process regarding the legalisation and endorsement process required to make documents legally valid abroad (documentation for exportation, provenance certificates, invoices, certificates, powers of attorney, legal and company documents in general, ministerial certificates, agency agreements, ISO, AIFA and GMP certificates, health certificates), certification of personal documents and provision of professional and sworn translations, to guarantee an efficient and effective service! 

Through a vast network of correspondents, we are able to provide an authorisation and legalisation service through Chambers of Commerce, Prefectures, District Attorney’s Offices and all the Consulates and Embassies in Italy.

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