Consulate of Egypt in Italy and legalisation procedure of documents for Egypt


The Consulate of Egypt legalises documents, which must be drafted in English or French, or be a bilingual text (Italian-English; Italian-French; Italian-Arabic). It is not possible to legalise documents drafted only in Italian.

Sworn translations will have to be obtained of any certificates issued in Italian before they are presented to the Consulate.

In accordance with Egypt’s ministerial provisions, the Egyptian Consulate is required to legalise both the original document as well as the translation of the document, and will therefore add two legalisations.

The original document must be prior attested by the Prefecture Office, by the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the Chamber of Commerce. Sworn translations must be prior attested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

It is possible to legalise true copies of documents, with the exception of school attendance certificates, which must be legalised first by the Director of Education and then at the Prefecture before having a sworn translation done, which is then endorsed by the Public Prosecutor.

The Consulate does not accept sworn translations of photocopies of documents. 

The Consulate’s rate for legalising a personal document originally drawn up in English/French/Arab or as a bilingual text is € 35,00.

The Consulate’s rate for legalising a personal document originally drawn up in Italian with its sworn translation is € 70,00 (= € 35,00 + € 35,00).

The Consulate’s rate for legalising commercial or corporate documents is € 80,00.


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