Mandatory good conduct certificate rule for UAE: how to get it in ITALY


Starting from 4 February 2018, the Certificate of Good Conduct (also called certificate of no criminal records or police clearance certificate) is required and mandatory for employment visa in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the Dubai Police Coordination Committee’s recent decision, each applicant must submit a certificate of good conduct issued from his/her home country, or the country of their residency for the last five years.  The certificate must also be certified by the relevant UAE missions abroad .

The Certificate of criminal records or Police clearance certificate in ITALY

The corresponding certificate in Italy is called Certificato del casellario giudiziale [Certificate of the Judicial Records Register] which reports any final criminal convictions and specific civil and administrative measures definitively charged to a given person.
This certification is released by the Judicial Records Office at each Italian Court and can be requested according to three different types:

  • general certificate: states criminal, civil and administrative decisions that have become final
  • criminal certificate: states the criminal convictions that have become final;
  • civil certificate: states some particular administrative measures.

The General certificate of the Judicial Records Registers is the most comprehensive as include both the criminal and civil report.

After obtaining the Italian certificate from the Judicial Records Register, this certificate shall be firs attested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and then can be legalised/ certified by the UAE Consulate or Embassy in Italy.


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