Certificate from the Judicial Records and Criminal Records in Italy

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The National Judicial Records System “Casellario Giudiziale” is the register established in the Public Prosecutor’s Office of each Court that lists and preserves the extracts of the proceedings of the judicial or administrative authority and provides information on the previous cases of each individual.

The General Certificate of Judicial Records contains any civil or criminal judgments with legal force.

The Certifcate of Criminal Records specifically contains only the criminal judgments.

immagine del certificato del casellario giudiziale

he following are the requirements to obtain it:

  • an application letter accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document

  • One € 16.00 revenue stamp (Law 71/2013 – OJ No. 147 of 25/06/2013)

  • One € 3,68  certificate charge stamp

  • One additional € 3,68  priority fee stamp (priority release is not possible in cases in which the certificate is positive, i.e. those involving pending proceedings)

The certificate can be retrieved by another person empowered by the applicant through a proxy.

Where needed, this  certificate can be legalized or apostilled and officially translated to enable its international use.

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