Certified Translators in Italy


As we have already explained in our previous post “Certified Translations and legalization“ translations must be certified, i.e. subject to an oath sworn by the translator responsible for them, in order to have legal value and/or to be officially used.

In cases in which official documents need to be translated, it is important to rely on qualified professionals.

In Italy, however, unlike in other countries, there is no professional register of translators and over the years a certain confusion has spread regarding the figure of the so-called “sworn translator“, i.e. the translator listed in the Register of Technical Experts (CTU) appointed by the Court.

People often think that only translators listed in the court register are authorized to perform certified or sworn translations. It worth clarifying, however, that certification of a translation can be performed in court by anyone with sufficient knowledge of the required language for the translation and, therefore, capable of producing the translation for which the certification is required.

It is therefore important to emphasize that the legal value of sworn and certified translations does not depend on the register of technical experts of the various courts.

Nevertheless, we note that in certain cases, foreign diplomatic missions in Italy require translations to be certified by a translator listed in the court’s register of technical experts, for the purpose of consular legalization

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