Certificate of outstanding criminal proceedings


This is the certificate issued by the Public Prosecutor Office to verify the existence of outstanding criminal proceedings, already registered in a particular Public Prosecutor’s office, involving the person owner of the certificate.

This certificate, therefore, lists any ongoing criminal proceedings that have not yet reached final or definitive judgement.

The certificate of pending proceedings should be requested from the Office of the Prosecutor with jurisdiction for the place of residence of the person involved.

This certificate, in fact, does not list all pending criminal proceedings at national level but only those currently pending before the court to which the questioned prosecutor has access. If the party concerned wishes to know the pending proceedings in other judicial offices, he/she must submit a request for the certificate to all Public Prosecutor’s offices concerned.

The certificate of outstanding criminal proceedings is valid for 6 months only.

example of Italian certificate of outstanding proceedings

The following are the requirements to obtain it:

  • an application letter accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document

  • One € 16.00 revenue stamp (Law 71/2013 – OJ No. 147 of 25/06/2013)

  • One € 3,68  certificate charge stamp

  • One additional € 3,68   priority fee stamp (priority release is not possible in cases in which the certificate is positive, i.e. those involving pending proceedings)

The certificate can be retrieved by another person empowered by the applicatn through a proxy.

Where needed, this  certificate can be legalized or apostilled and officially translated to enable its international use.

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